B2D2 Study Club

Are you looking at moving your dental practice to the 21st Century but don’t know where to start and where to invest your hard-earned money?

Maybe you’re a dental student who’s interested in seeing what stuff they don’t teach at university.

Maybe you want to introduce better techniques and/or alternative methods to your existing digital workflows.

Maybe you have a particular case you want to discuss with fellow like-minded colleagues, without fear of divine retribution and heavenly judgement from keyboard warriors and the like.

Or maybe you have nothing better to do on a Friday evening after work.

Welcome to B2D2, otherwise to be known as the Bread and Butter Digital Dentistry Study Club. We will meet at our Lane Cove venue (in Sydney) on the first Friday evening of every month to go through a range of digital dentistry-related topics. In fact, I’ve mapped over topics to last beyond 2025!

It is not sponsored by any particular equipment or materials manufacturer and we will remain brand-agnostic unless otherwise stated. Printers, mills, consumables, etc. will all be set up and ready to use at the premises, presenting an opportunity for you to try certain equipment before committing to purchase – something that is all too often missing.

There will be a small cost to attend each session which goes towards covering some of our running costs and time, catering and drinks for all attendees. Registration prior to each session is required. Hand-on sessions will have limited spots. The princely cost of attending each session will be:

  • Dentists – cost of $50 + GST.
  • Dental students – $35 + GST (Proof of current student status will be checked)

The planned schedule for 2024 is below, but may be subject to change:

  1. Wednesday, 6 March 2024 – Ceramic staining night! Hands-on practical with ceramic stains – tips, tricks and considerations for the dental clinician.
  2. April 5, 2024 – Milling vs 3D printing – indications of each and their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. June 7, 2024  – 3D printing – a broad overview, general applications and considerations for integrating additive technology to your dental practice.
  4. July 5, 2024 – CAD-night! Try before you buy! Hands-on designing the Single Crown – available design software options in the market, their respective strengths and their corresponding weaknesses.

Updates to the schedule will be on this page. Registration link is here.